Personal Favorites

What’s up my peeps!

I’ve been super busy past couple of weeks and have been thinking about what to write. Started going through my inbox and BINGO! Read a message from Josh who manages a house cleaning company in Virginia Beach. He wanted to know more about myself, and what I love doing in the area. Hopefully some of you enjoy the same stuff and if not, then feel free to share this post with your friends who could relate.

Fun things I absolutely LOVE doing locally:

  1. Dirt Biking

Yes, I’m definitely a fanatic of motor sports, especially dirt bikes. It’s almost a sin not to love it, considering that there’s nothing but the desert around the city! Check out local forums on the subject and get advice from locals about popular and not so well known trails, what to take with ya and how to get around em.

When doing my research, I also like to find out what is the wildlife like on and around the trail, any big and aggressive animals and definitely some info on snakes. My favorite trail is not very action packed, more on the explorer’s side… It’s called the “Creep of the Sand” according to locals.

Check it out and let me know in the comments below if there are any question I can answer beforehand.

  1. Paddle Boarding

Definitely an activity that will keep you fit, even though it not very intense. I love paddle boarding because it’s relaxing, gets you a good tan on a sunny day (be sure to wear sunscreen though) and it’s a workout. Where to go paddle boarding? Despite the popular belief, there are quite a few places for paddle boarding enthusiasts to go and meet with others. Lakes are all over the place! Look at the map for your area and I promise that you’ll find something. If it looks larger than a pool, it’s probably a spot you should check out.

Something to watch out for, again, is the wildlife. Gators are hungry too, so make sure to get some info beforehand. Personally, I wouldn’t try battling an alligator, but it’s all up to you. I’m no Rambo, but you might just be.

  1. Mountain biking

Doesn’t fall far from dirt biking, but it sure is different, and by different I mean physically demanding. You know how people are always looking to shed a few extra pounds off to fit into those new pants, or that dress? Well, mountain biking is the hobby for those people. I prefer different trails, generally shorter and tougher to get that workout in.

When searching for the perfect trail, be sure to take into the account your skill level and amount of experience. Don’t jump for the toughest trail right away, conquer a couple that are fairly easy and mostly level before advancing. Pace yourself and don’t necessarily try to sprint through the whole thing at once. You are risking burning yourself out big time. What I have found by biking with friends, is that only 30 to 40 percent of people who burn themselves out on their first try don’t come back and bike again.

Those are things I love doing in the area, but feel free to send me ideas of your favorites and I’ll do some research before writing about them.

Hope everyone found this useful and fun to read. If so, please share it with your friends who are outdoorsy just like I am.


Chocolate anyone?

Looking for something really sweet and chocolaty in SA? Try out one of the biggest chocolate factories in all of Texas!  Alamo has been around since the late 19th century and remains the leader in chocolate production. When I say 19th century, I actually mean 1997, which isn’t all that long ago, but for some it means that they’re been making chocolate since the childhood.

Why come to Alamo, instead of any other chocolate factory?

For one, it’s the largest producer and supplier of chocolate and related products to your local mom n pop stores and most local supermarkets. Aside from that, their chocolate is amazing and the variety is mind blowing. I’ve put together a quick list and brief description of what they produce, so you can have a solid game plan before storming in there…

  1. Classic Milk Chocolate – a fantastic choice for both adults and children of all ages. Ever seen one of those chocolate towers? They usually have them at fancy buffets and cool people parties… That milk chocolate tastes as if it was just taken from the fountain. Always fresh, perfectly sweetened and lightly salted to perfection. Highly recommend it, if you’re not sure about your preferences.
  2. Sweet White Choco – Yum! The only way I can describe it without getting too excited… Imagine pure satisfaction, then double and that’s what it feels like to experience white Choco. Something different about Alamo and their white chocolate is the special liquification and freezing process they use to contain all the deliciousness and rich taste. In the frozen state, it tastes like the most amazing ice cream ever, and it’s so much creamier than your usual vanilla.
  3. Dark (up to 80% cacao) – More for chocolate enthusiasts who know exactly what they like, but are still looking to explore new variations of a proven taste of dark chocolate. Something to note though,is that Alamo’s dark, is the very dark or bitter version, which isn’t very far from pure cacao powder. It can also be described as the perfect balance point between the bitter and milk chocolates.
  4. Almost pure or bitter – I’ve tried many different types of chocolates from all over the country and let me tell ya… Alamo’s bitter is the most bitter of them all. My honest opinion on this is try it, and don’t buy unless it’s your type of treat and trust me, you’ll know right off the bat whether or not it’s for you. I’ve made the mistake of getting fifteen dollars’ worth of bitter, and still haven’t finished half of it, not even talking about the whole bag.

Pricing: you’ll must be intrigued and wanna try it out right? Though so and wanted to give a few words of advice to avoid getting overcharged as it can get a little costly. Prior to buying any amount of chocolate or other treats, do yourself a favor and try it out first. Next, make sure that you understand the difference between the price per pound versus the price per piece (item). Finally, just give it a shot without thinking first. I’d rather try and not like than to never try in the first place.

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